Juicing For Weight Loss Ideas: Grapple Juice

Grapple Juice

Sometimes good food and exercise is not enough to lose weight. Maybe you do it all, you drink tons of water, you exercise daily, you eat what you're supposed to and stay away from what is bad for your waist. However, you can't lose the weight you have gained over the past couple of months or even years. What to do now?

No matter what you do, I always recommend going to the doctor and finding out what is going on with your body. Then and only then you will know why you can't lose those lbs. While you're at your doctor's, ask him/ her if juicing for weight loss is something you can consider. If you can, you have come to the right place to get ideas. I will periodically post new recipes you can try. I am actually juicing as well at this moment, so I will/have tried every recipe I post here.

Here is a yummy fruit juice you can start out with, I call it Grapple juice, hahahaha:


  • 4-5 whole red apples, cut in four pieces
  • 2 cup of green grapes
  • 3 red plums


  1. Cut all fruits and have them ready for juicing
  2. Add all fruits to your juicer, little by little
  3. Enjoy 

***You can have the fruit juices as a snack, since you still need your veggie intake as your main meals. Example: have a veggie juice in the morning, 3 hours later have a fruit juice, 3 hours later have a veggie juice again, 3 hours later do a fruit juice and finally end with another veggie juice.***

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